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Nissan S13 SR20 GT1CD 'hard' single-plate clutch by OS Giken
OS Giken GT1CD single-plate clutch for Nissan SR20 engined S13 Silvia, including bearing/carrier set
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OS Giken GT single-plate clutches are built in the same manner as a multi-plate clutch, so the clutch cover, pressure plate, flywheel, housing and friction disc are all separate parts. This means they can easily be overhauled in the future, but more importantly, the arrangement of the OS Giken diaphragm creates much better clamping on the pressure plate without excessive pedal weight.
The light chrome-moly flywheel and billet aluminium cover plate also improve engine response. This clutch uses a 215mm clutch disc and comes with the bearing/carrier set needed for installation.
The most important innovation of the new GT series clutches, however, is the exclusive 'floating pressure plate' system (patent pending). A series of leaf springs between the pressure plate and the clutch diaphragm achieve a very smooth initial take-up, just like a factory-style clutch. It can be held in a half-engaged, slipping state very easily, so you can drive very easily around town. This system also eliminates the 'rattle' sound associated with the older 'Super Single' design.

'Hard' version rated to 430ps at the engine (316kW)
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hi do you know how many kw's these clutches are rated for? Or the det version for that matter... Cheers, Jordan

You can specify a soft or hard pressure plate for the GTS1CD, soft version recommended for up to 280kW, hard version recommended for up to 320kW (at the engine).

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