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Otomoto Supercar Project part 5

 by otomoto on 21 Oct 2014 |
4 Comment(s)

The plastering process takes longer than you might expect, requiring many re-applications to get a smooth and consistent surface.
The polycarbonate sheet you see on the window makes it easy to get a sharp, straight line between the panel and the window, so you won't notice that they don't meet.

Here the panel between the headlights is getting shaped, but it's hard to see what the headlights will look like with everything in white

Here's the basic shape of the headlight covers, they will be heat-formed to match the curves and sit neatly over the headlight and indicator/parklight.
The white parts under the cover will all be satin black so the whole panel should look quite dark (especially with all the plaster dust removed)

Doing a project like this you find yourself looking at it and thinking about as often as you are actually doing something. After staring at it for most of a day I realised that the line of the upper door panel was wrong. Although it was perfectly level, the way it tapers in creates the illusion that it slopes upward towards the front of the car. To fix this, the line will be raised 15mm at the back and dropped 15mm at the front. This also makes the imaginary extension of the line meet the top of the wheel arch (shown here with masking tape).
This photo also shows how the side step has been reshaped so instead of being flat along the side, it twists inward as it goes along,

The rear part was cut away with an angle grinder metal disc. To drop the line at the front it's time for more expanding foam.

The new line complete. It may not seem like a big change, but it makes the whole design look more cohesive.

Another important line, the shutline between the bonnet and the nose panel was made perfect with a sheet of 3.5mm polycarbonate jammed between the two.

The same technique gives the hatch a straight and sharp shutline. We are really getting into the detail stages of the project now. Our next update may take a little longer, as the blog has caught up with present day. Thanks for reading!


PD - Comment
PD02 Feb 2015Reply
Pretty cool project you have going there, love the choice of rear lights!
BF - Comment
BF22 Jan 2015Reply
I am liking the style and look. Keen for next installment!
David - Comment
David13 Mar 2015Reply
read your story in Jap imports,like your style.I pick up a couple of 260z as a project to do with my son, now looking at doing both.hope to catch up ,and gets some parts and info in the coming year.
Richard - Comment
Richard13 Mar 2015Reply
'A' for effort and initiative, good one. Be interesting to see how it turns out in relation to the side glass which at present looks recessed which is unusual. Front looks very promising, some nice work there. Will follow with interest.

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The plastering process takes longer than you might expect, requiring many re-applications to get ...
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