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Otomoto Supercar Project part 4

 by otomoto on 15 Oct 2014 |
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With most of the basic foam blocks done, we are on to the finer details of the design.

The corners of the front spoiler are angled back well to make it more practical. Also the lower edge is angled back so if you do collect the ground it is more likely to slide than grab and break.

Another round of filling holes and adding foam for detail work. The flat vertical part of the bumper will be a good deal smaller when finished.

Here the space in front of the headlights has been sprayed black to give an idea of how the headlights will look when finished.

Filling in the space between the tail lights left the rear looking a bit plain. A curved edge on the rear is also bad for attatched airflow, so a spoiler of some kind was the answer.

Sheets of polycarbonate are used to follow the shape of the tail lights while making the rear spoiler. This results in a nice even wave shape for the back of the hatch.

The spoiler needs to extend onto the rear guards, so the hose goes in again to preserve a hole for the aerial. The stronger corflute is used to build the spoiler a little higher.

The final shape of the spoiler is quite simple, echoing the shape of the front spoiler somewhat

With the rear styling work more or less complete, it's time to move on to the next stage of surface shaping. We're using Plaster of Paris as it is easier to sand than body-filler but still gives a good hard surface.
Note that the ridges on the sides now blend with the panel between the taillights and the line comes slightly higher than the bottom edge of the lights.
Also the bumper now extends right down to the trailing edge of the fuel tank. Cut-outs keep the tow hooks clear and also allow access to a couple of the bumper support bolts, so these can be used to secure the final panels.
Another small change is the vertcal parts either side of the mufflers, which are now concave.
It takes many applications of plaster and use of a rasp, then a line sander to get the shape smooth. Here's a little YouTube video of part of the process.



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